Poland to Milan

At the turn of May and June 2018, a group of students from Katowice participated in four – week internships of the Erasmus Plus program in Italy in Milan. The project entitled: “ Logistics and Advertising – the jobs of the future” gathered 18 students of both courses.

What was done:

10 students of Marketing and Advertising and 8 Logistics students were accompanied by two teachers during their stay in Milan.

7 logistic companies and 5 advertising agencies participated in the project as hosting companies. The students lived in a hostel with private space for their group in the central part of Milan where they had very convenient access to all workplaces.

Successes and lessons learnt:

In advertising agencies, students had a valuable opportunity to develop their skills related to the professional world of advertising and online media. Apart of improving their language skills, they learnt how to work in the international team and how to use promotional tools, how to design an advertising campaign, designing advertising measures, how to drawing up a financial plan for an advertising campaign and prepare advertising documentation and much more.

Logistics students had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and practical skills in the field of logistics. They had the opportunity to use professional language in everyday work related to transport and forwarding, they could learn about storage technology, participate in picking of cargo units, prepare goods for transport as well as learn about documentation accompanying warehouse and transport processes.

For both groups internships were a great way to know the real professional environment related to their professional fields.

Thanks Erasmus + programme the were able to work in the international team and learn directly from it as well as to work for a “real” client.

This allowed them to improve their language skills and increase their self-esteem. Many of them had to overcome their own shyness in order to communicate with the team and do their daily performance.

And above all, most of the students were motivated to continue their studies. But thanks to this experience, some students understood that the chosen field of study is not their dream job for the future, so even in this case we consider it a project success, as they had an opportunity to clarify their ideas about that job.

On weekends and during their free time, the students visited Milan and the surrounding areas and made trips to Bergamo, Como and Piacenza. They visited La Triennale di Milano where they could see the exhibition on the Story of the Italian Design, The Pinacoteca di Brera where they could admire one of the foremost collections of Italian paintings and see the majestic Cathedral in Milan. They also participated in many local events that took place during their stay.

The Headteacher, who came to Milan for a monitoring visit, confirmed that the internships were organized in a highly professional way, that is, the main goal of the project was carried out perfectly. Also the opinions of all students regarding their work placements were very positive, all employers showed great professionalism, understanding and patience with students, and enabled them to learn effective.

Acquired contacts with Milan advertising companies resulted in another project for another Polish school, which will be implemented in the coming year.