Poland to Malaga (Job Centre)


Poland to Malaga: Project – ‘Just In Time’

Summary: 10 Polish staff working in a job centre in Malbork travelled to Malaga for a week in September 2018 to undertake training and to visit various organisations to understand their methods to work towards achieving best practice.

What was done:

They visited a variety of associations. They got to appreciate the contrast is systems. Where in Spain they have separate organisations to oversee benefits, job searching and training in Poland it is all managed from one centre. They were also able to visit job centres dedicated entirely to immigration and aiding refugees in there organisation from other countries to Spain.

The group undertook training to improve there own training skills and to help build entrepreneurial competencies while also taking the time to practice their business English. They produced presentations on various case studies as well of an overall summary of their experiences and lessons learned.

The group were also able to appreciate Spain’s rich culture. They visited Gibraltar, wen’t to see traditional flamenco dancing and enjoyed many rich Spanish dishes.

The project was extremely successful. Participants went away with new attitudes and approaches to issues such as immigration. All felt this experience had allowed them to grow professionally, personally and as a team. Such project absolutely confirmed the value of the EU initiatives as Erasmus+.