Martinique to Rotterdam


Erasmus+ Mobility – From Martinique to Rotterdam

9 A-level students from a Vocational school in Martinique specialising in Transports and Logistics went to Rotterdam for a 4-weeks internship. The mobility was also the occasion to discover the impressive logistics of the main port of Rotterdam, the biggest active harbour of Europe.

What was done:
During the mobility, the students were given the possibility to experience an internship in the chain of Dutch stores, Albert Heijn and within the office of an NGO in The Hague. While in the supermarkets Albert Heijn, the students experienced the complexity of large retailers’ supply chain; in the NGO the students improved their administrative skills and learnt some basis of project management. In addition, the guided tour of the main port of Rotterdam together with the visit of the Maritime Museum and The Taxes and Customs Museum completed the students’ knowledge regarding the history and functioning of the biggest European port. Considering the context of the city of Rotterdam which is intrinsically connected to the transports and logistics field, the educational activities in the port and in the museums represented a significant part in the learning programme of the project. Finally, along the four weeks, the students had to communicate and to draft emails and documents in English, a challenge that contributed to improve their language skills

Successes and lessons learnt:
At the end of the project, the students demonstrated a good aptitude in English speaking. The professional experience of the internship was also well evaluated by the students, who had the opportunity to enrich their own Curriculum Vitae which gave them more chances to be accepted in the course they have chosen for their higher education.

Scalability and transfer-ability:
The project will be repeated in March/April 2019 with the same Vocational school from Martinique. On the occasion of the second project, we will try to obtain some internship within some shipping companies in the Rotterdam’s port and within the warehouse of the big Ikea nearby Rotterdam.

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