EU project consulting and delivery

We help students and adults grow and learn in a fast changing world

Providing the best work experiences, training courses, workshops and seminars for students and adults, Enso is dedicated to bring value into every aspect of training and learning mobility.

As partner of schools from all over Europe Enso has become the best and most successful work experience provider agencies in the education sector.

With a professional and committed team, Enso ensures consistency and quality, delivering world class services in a professional outstanding standard.

With core expertise in the EU Projects and associated Public Projects, we have years  of experience in delivering EU projects, tenders across a range of categories including:

Hospitality programmes
Retail-focused programmes
IT – focused programmes
Developers/Constructors Frameworks
Audit and other Consultancy Services
Mechanical & Electrical Services
Ecology and Environmental Services
Agency Staff Services
Charity services
Renewable energy

Support can be tailored to suit client requirements, ranging from light touch ‘critical friend’ guidance during the process to lead consultant role with full responsibility for design and delivery of tender packages, contract and tender documentation, project management, publication of EU contract notices, evaluation, award and bidder liaison.

ENSO team bring eu project expertise to project management, enabling more informed and effective project delivery. We provide advice and training at all levels from introductory workshops, preparatory visits for non-technical staff through to sector orientation workshops for project managers professionals. Talented people join ENSO for the opportunity it provides to work on some of the most exciting projects, to develop a specialism of their own or simply to find their niche. Joined-up thinking delivers pragmatic solutions.

Our specialties within EU projects:
– Securing funding via EC Horizon 2020 & UK TSB, Erasmus funding programmes
– Experienced contract negotiator and project manager
– Idea generation & brainstorming
– Developing funding strategies
– Techno-economic assessment of technologies
– Knowledge and Technology transfer
– New product development
– Innovation Consulting and Product Innovation
– Development of strategic partnerships with top class academic institutes, organisations and high tech SMEs.
– Key client Management
– Business model generation if the projects requires
– Co-ordinate responses and evaluate against pre-determined criteria
– Ascertain whether one or multiple contracting parties can deliver the scope matrix

We deliver work experience projects, partnerships and professional ventures.
Our services includes:
accommodation for participants
transport from and to airports
well-being care, pastoral care
language services
bus passes
work experience
monitoring and evaluation of work placements
24/7 emergency phone
cultural programmes
clash culture programmes
English language courses
Social and cultural activities
Induction and orientation
Final Reports

We are passionate about solutions which can help local communities and the people who live and work in them succeed. We keep our thinking fresh about projects delivery and invent new ways of approaching the challenges which people and communities are facing now and in the long term, creating solutions which are scalable and sustainable.

We also deliver Languages services in UK and EU.

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